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Generation Zero

Fri 4 Aug 2017 - Sat 5 Aug 2017

Lamphouse Theatre. a vibrant fringe theatre company from Peterborough, present this new play. Directed by Tom Fox (Remote by Stef Smith and Ailie and the Alien by Morna Pearson, National Theatre) and written by Becky Owen-Fisher (Perfect Straight Line, Eastern Angles Theatre Company).

One young couple. One changing world. She’s certain she knows the man she loves, but he’s hiding a disturbing secret. A look at our future through the eyes of the first generation to tackle climate change head-on.

"They dragged us through to the cells one by one. Sitting opposite each other on the cold floor, his eyes found mine and smiled deep into me, his lips made the shape of the words I love you."

A play that follows a young couple as they face life in the shadow of imminent climate change. She believes that change is possible, but he has other ideas. Their relationship is pushed to the edge when he is approached by a mysterious stranger and starts to spy on her every move. He relays information for a cause that he believes in, but does he know the real consequences of his actions?

Using poetic language, striking physicality and a soaring soundtrack, Generation Zero will transport audiences into an ambiguous future world.

More info at Generation Zero.