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The Great Austerity Debate

Wed 24 Oct 2018 - Thu 25 Oct 2018
  • Age Guidance:14+

The Great Austerity Debate is an interactive forum theatre play.  Follow the story of Megan K. as she juggles low-paid work, ever-deeper debt, two kids and that fancy new red handbag. Welcome to a world where the phrase, “We are all in this together,” rings hollow. Welcome to a world where austerity is the new normal. 

But there is a way out.  After watching the performance, you are invited to imagine different outcomes for the characters and see your ideas played out by the actors.  You can give your views or simply sit and enjoy the play being re-told on the spot.  Every audience brings new responses, new interventions and new endings, making each performance unique. 

Entertaining, inspiring and always surprising, The Great Austerity Debate brings burning real-life questions to the stage, and you get to bring the answers.  Brought to you by new writing pioneers, Menagerie Theatre Company.  

Read more about the show on this blog here.

What Previous Audience Members Thought of The Great Austerity Debate...

"Fantastic at getting the audience to think for themselves, listen to each other, disagree with each other. I felt like part of a community of people wanting to help each other by the end."

"Great acting! Really interesting exchanges with audience, Very entertaining."

"Excellent, especially in the dynamics of relationships and impact of poverty on mental health of the main character."

"Should be on TV, on Question Time or similar."

"As a city boy (lecturer at Newcastle Uni) it was great to see this performance in a rural setting. I think this unique venue helped shape the age related concerns that were raised."

"Brilliant piece of writing backed up with superb acting. Certainly thought provoking, fear came through very strongly."

"It is surprising how few people outside of job centres or the claimant system know how life is on job seekers’ allowance."