Black Lives Matter at Eastern Angles

12 June 2020

Eastern Angles believes that Black Lives Matter. We support the need for urgent change and enhanced social justice. We will achieve this through our work with artists, theatre makers, volunteers and audiences. 

This is a time of many changes. We have always believed in actions over words and are determined to make a step-change in the focus, inspiration and delivery of our work in Ipswich, Peterborough and across East Anglia. 

We are looking at our staff, board, volunteers and creative teams to ensure they reflect a wider picture of society across Britain that has inclusion at its heart. 

 Over the last few weeks the Eastern Angles teams have shared their views on how we can improve and develop the Company on this journey. We are taking action as a Company to educate ourselves and we will seek guidance and consult with groups and organisations with far more experience than our own. 

We will continue to progress our work and engagement with our audiences to promote as well as embed a greater range of voices throughout our organisation. We are committed to these themes and determined to implement far reaching change.


Over the past 35 years we have worked hard to reflect the whole of British society when touring theatre across East Anglia. We have played a key role in schemes to encourage a diverse range of writers who work with communities in rural areas, exploring black lives that cross boundaries and draw attention to complex issues. In Peterborough we are engaged with a wide range of communities and work in schools to embed drama and theatre skills into the curriculum and improve the career potential for all children and young people.  


We are poised to expand our facilities in Ipswich as we take over buildings vacated by Suffolk Archives to create a new welcoming arts and heritage space. This expansion will enable us to engage with our local community in Westgate, an area which has changed dramatically in recent years. We will be in the centre of a diverse locale with a commitment to offer something new and exciting to an area with few community facilities.

June, 2020