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Booming Voices

Thu 28 Apr 2022 - Sun 12 Jun 2022

In our 40th anniversary year we're back on the roads with a new Broads play, Booming Voices

Touring the East of England 27th April - 12th June

Booming Voices aims to capture the magic of the Broads and explore its possible future. From a range of interviews with people living on this iconic landscape, the play fuses real voices, music and science to tell a new, unheard story of the Broads.

In the height of the pandemic, Jen, a young student, is shielding in an isolated cottage on the edge of a watery haven, housesitting for a Professor in the US who is investigating the impact of climate change. Together they explore the iconic wildlife and nature of the Broads, showing us just how vulnerable this seemingly timeless landscape is.

With the songs of acclaimed folk musician Jimmy Aldridge, and insights from figures who helped discover the true nature of this wetland paradise (comparable to Ibiza, sang David Bowie), Booming Voices promises to be an evening that both prepares us for the future and gives us hope.

The reviews are in...

"Pertinent, engaging and didactic" **** West End Best Friend 

"captures the feel of East Anglia" Audience Member

"One of best Eastern Angles shows that we have seen" Audience Member

"a celebration, a statement and a plea for this vulnerable waterworld" Diss Express

Thank you to the following interviewees who gave their time to help create Booming Voices. Not everyone is quoted in the script but they all shared invaluable information and wonderful memories allowing us to understand what it means to live and work in the Broads.

Nick Acheson; Eva Atkin-Barter; Mike Barnes; Jan Dingle; Chris Durdin; Kellie Fisher; Cristina Flores; Tony Gibbons; Mark Golley; Matt Gooch; Andrea Kelly; Dr. Ulysee Pasquier; Sam Penny; Tony Ramsay; Bryan Read CBE; Jeff Redgrave; Celia Scott; Richard Starling; Tim Strudwick; Prof. Kerry Turner; Steve Western; Jill Wright; Rupert Wright; and Pupils from Fairhaven Primary School in South Walsham.

Headshot photo of Anna Buttery - a white actress with long brown hair, she's wearing a red dress.

Anna Buttery

Headshot photo of Emily Juler, a white woman with shoulder length dark blonde/brown hair

Emily Juler


Lee Rufford


Matthew Rutherford


Ivan Cutting


Ivan Cutting

Assistant Director

Ollie Harrington

Song Writer

Jimmy Aldridge


Marjoke Henrichs