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Want to get closer to the theatre you love?

As we embark on a new chapter, opening up the Eastern Angles Centre and connecting more deeply with our local communities across East Anglia, the support of the Friends, Donors and Sponsors is more important that ever.

In January 2024 Suffolk County Council announced a 100% cut to core Arts & Culture Funding. This means to support our ongoing work we need to find an additional £22,000 a year. 

To put this into perspective, this money creates a whole year of fully-funded training programmes for young people including our Homework Club, Holiday Club activities and our three New Angles Youth Theatres, that meet throughout the year supporting young people. 

It also helps us support 102 performances a year, 83 of which are in Suffolk.

By supporting us you will become an advocate for the wide-ranging work of Eastern Angles - from the wonderful performances that you come to see in your local venue, to our extensive participation & engagement work we run across the region and, importantly, the commissioning of original work by East Anglian playwrights to reach new audiences.

You can choose from one of our three new membership tiers below, which we have dedicated to our work in Village Halls, Market Towns and Found Spaces.


Donations & Sponsorship