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Crossed Keys

Wed 28 Sep 2011 - Sat 22 Oct 2011

Emblem-inspired new play for Peterborough

A new play by Greg Lyons for Peterborough.

Two young lovers, one old Irishman, a story for the city...set in bricks.

Peterborough's streets are paved with stories of love, laughter, conflict and loss. Michael is down on his luck. Hussein and Shahruk would be on cloud nine if it weren't for her family.

When the nostalgic ramblings of the old Irishman and the anxieties of the young couple collide the three are united by a simple Crossed Keys emblem.

Be the first to see this new thirty-minute play by Peterborough writer Greg Lyons as it pops up in venues all over the city.


John Basco

Aiden Dooley

Mariam Haque