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Dark Earth

Thu 12 Sep 2013 - Sun 22 Sep 2013

A tale of the Fens, performed in the Fens!

Eastern Angles returns to Peterborough with an enthralling and evocative new theatre production.

Produced by a professional creative team, the cast will be made up of local performers including members of Peterborough MASK Theatre, local schools and other community organisations.

Dark Earth will be staged in a special covered auditorium with full stage, lighting, sound and tiered seating in the grounds of the historic Flag Fen Archaeology Park.

Carl Perkins

Catherine Myland

Ben Stroud

Bethany Audley

Rebecca Coombe-Boxall

Luke Mizra

David Worth

Emma Goldberg

Lucy Formby

Pete Unwin

Dave House

Jonni Hilton

Andy Stroud

Duncan McMillan

Clive Hankers

David Feltell

Roland Pickett

Suzanne Tuck

Charlie Alexander

Jess Woo

Sharron Bosley

Brian Haswell

Pam Haswell

Rebecca Owen-Fisher

Reece Taylor

James Wood

Natalia Piotrowska

Abigail Jessop

Maddison Page

Jamie Chamberlain

Emily Gourlay

Honour Smith

Chris Lovell


Forbes Bramble


Naomi Jones


Nicky Bunch


Penny Griffin


Chris Warner

Sound Design

Chris Warner


Polly Beeston

Assistant Director

Tom Fox

Vocal Coach

Thomas René

Costume Supervisor

Rachel Maclachlan