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Gills Around The Green

Wed 1 Dec 2010 - Sat 22 Jan 2011

What's the Catch of the Day? You are!

What's the Catch of the Day?......You are!

Travelling cosmetics salesman Vernon Spratt is travelling home to spend Christmas with his parents in Walberswick.

The snow is coming down thick and fast and his car gets stuck in a snowdrift. Spratt calls for help, and then he waits...and waits.  In a desperate attempt to keep warm, he smears himself with his entire stock of "Omega - 3 Anti-Ageing Serum" and promptly loses consciousness.

He awakes to find himself in a house he does not recognise looking out onto an idyllic village scene. Apart from a fishy aroma, all seems perfect. But as Vernon Sprat soon discovers, there is more to this picturesque (if pungent) village than meets the eye!

No trace of his family and friends, no mobile phone signal, and not a fish and chip shop in sight!

Another hilarious Christmas Show from the wicked pen of Julian Harries, with scintillating songs from Pat Whymark.


Nicholas Agnew

Holly Ashton

Julian Harries

Kai Simmons

Rose van Hoof


Julian Harries


Julian Harries


Pat Whymark