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Margaret Catchpole 2012

Thu 21 Jun 2012 - Sun 8 Jul 2012

One of the greatest Suffolk stories ever told.

Marking their 30th Anniversary acclaimed touring theatre company, Eastern Angles present an unmissable East Anglian story staged in a spectacular venue - the Hush House on Rendlesham Airfield. Margaret Catchpole is a timeless tale of love, deception and divided loyalty featuring familiar faces from every section of Suffolk's 18th Century society from brave seamen and distinguished doctors to cunning smugglers, corrupt clergy and characterful farmers. Following the fortunes of the infamous servant girl, this lively theatre production charts Margaret's horse thievery and audacious jail break showing how love can make fools of us all....

Margaret Catchpole was originally staged by Eastern Angles back in 2000. It is written by Alastair Cording and directed by Ivan Cutting. This new production will be staged in the atmospheric Hush House with new music, dance and a Community Chorus of volunteers.

Part of the IP-ART Festival 2012.

"Remarkable & Moving"

Libby Purves, The Times


Margaret Catchpole: Peter Sowerbutts

Matthew Linley interviews Peter Sowerbutts who plays Dr Stebbings and Margaret's father in the show.

Margaret Catchpole: Francis Woolf

Matthew Linley interviews Francis Woolf who plays Will Laud in the show.

Margaret Catchpole: Mark Finbow, Asst. Director

Interview with Mark Finbow, the Assistant Director.

Margaret Catchpole: Laura, Wardrobe Mistress

Matthew Linley interviews Laura, our Wardrobe Mistress

Margaret Catchpole: Jonathan Girling

We chat to Jonathan Girling, the Musical Director.

Becky Pennick

Rosalind Steele

Liam Bewley

Gareth Hinsley

Peter Sowerbutts

Francis Woolf


Diana Barnard

Vanessa Bishop

Pam Dobson

Moira Pinkney

Caro Prescott

Naomi Turrell

Jan Whittaker

Tony Barnard

Rober Brookes

Joe Brown

Steven Fosdick

Stephen Tuthill


Alistair Cording


Ivan Cutting


Rosie Alabaster


Fiona Simpson


Jonathan Girling