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Palm Wine & Stout

Fri 1 Oct 2010 - Sat 30 Oct 2010

A moving journey full of family secrets

Palm Wine & Stout by Segun Lee-French

A moving and magical journey full of family secrets

Taiye is a young British Nigerian with a mysterious past. Palm Wine & Stout is the semi-autobiographical story of this ‘son of an English mother and a Nigerian father' and his spiritual journey back to the family's African village.

Written by award-winning playwright Segun Lee-French, this funny and poignant new play fizzes with cultural tension and bursts with real-life family drama.

Segun Lee-French is a singer, poet, composer, playwright and filmmaker.



Joe Jacobs

Helen Grady

Zackary Momoh

Antoinette Tagoe

Clement Ule

Percusssion and Choreography

Segun Lee-French


Ivan Cutting and Kate Chapman


Cherilyn Leeson


Segun Lee-French