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Thu 11 Sep 2014 - Sun 28 Sep 2014

Ancient Norse Gods come to the Hush House

Click on the link to view DIRECTIONS TO THE HOUSE HOUSE and click HERE to view the route across the base.

In ancient mythology, the extraordinary battle of Ragnarök marked the doom of the Norse gods. In this surreal and supernatural world where order meets chaos awe-inspiring giants are licked from blocks of ice, the legendary Thor wields his enormous hammer and Freya the promiscuous fertility goddess flirts with death.

Staged at the stunning Hush House venue at Bentwaters airbase, Eastern Angles will create a funny and fast-paced interpretation of Ragnarök. Ingenious set design, an ethereal soundscape and beautiful puppetry will transport audiences back to the time of Icelandic spirits and monsters.

At the heart of this production, directed by Hal Chambers with sound from Ben Hudson, is the lively and irreverent storytelling genius of acclaimed playwright Charles Way.

We'll also be offering our usual Hush House ‘wraparound' of drinks, refreshments and picnic facilities...plus some atmospheric extras! So come early and soak up the Nordic atmosphere!

RAGNAROK: The Writer

We chat to Charles Way, the writer of RAGNAROK, about the writing process, Gods and Buildings.

RAGNAROK runs from 11th - 28th September at the Hush House on Bentwaters Parks (former American Bentwaters Air Base)

RAGNAROK, The Sound Designer

We chat to Ben Hudson, Sound Designer on RAGANAROK, about live mixing, strange acoustics and drums.

RAGNAROK: The Designer

We chat to Sam Wyer, Designer of RAGNAROK, about his plans for the show.

Ragnarok Trailer

The fantastic trailer for our forthcoming production of RAGNAROK at the Hush House in Rendlesham.


Josh Elwell

Antony Gabriel

Gracy Goldman

Oliver Hoare

Tom McCall

Theo Ogundipe

Fiona Putnam

Sarah Thom


Charles Way


Hal Chambers


Sam Wyer


Andy Purvis


Ben Hudson

Sound Design

Ben Hudson

Assistant Director

Drew Taylor

Movement Director

Polly Bennett