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Round The Twist!

Wed 23 Nov 2011 - Sat 28 Jan 2012

A festive Dickensian Mash-Up!

From the team who brought you the fabulous Jane Austen spoof, Mansfield Park & Ride, comes:


Written by Brendan Murray

Directed by Ivan Cutting

Music by Richard Taylor

Over the years Eastern Angles' reputation for producing witty, wacky and slightly anarchic comedy spoofs has grown and grown. This year we are reuniting the team that sent up Jane Austen in the mercilessly funny Masfield Park & Ride and turning them loose on dear old Charles Dickens!

"Aspiring actor and playwright Oliver Nicklefield has been busy working away on a script. Based on his own eventful life story, Oliver is desperate to see his thrilling masterpiece performed in front of an eager audience. Naturally our literary hero will play himself but who will he enlist to flesh out the other Dickensian characters: sneery Obadiah Snoop, delectable Dorabella, feisty Foggoty and the mysteriously hirsute Miss Haversack. Enter the Crumbles family and friends, an eccentric travelling theatre troupe bursting with inflated egos. With cast members sorted Nicklefield herds his unruly actors in the direction of the Old Curiosity Shop and a real-life audience (that's you!)

And so the story unfolds..."

Brace yourself for a musical mashup featuring a parade of preposterous characters all mercilessly lampooned by Eastern Angles' top-notch comedy actors.


Round the Twist: Joel

Matt Linley chats to Joel Sams who plays Tiny Tom in Round the Twist!


Brendan Murray


Ivan Cutting


Richard Taylor