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The Anatomist

Thu 29 Jun 2006 - Sun 6 Aug 2006

A new play in questionable taste

Two travellers slop towards sixteenth-century Padua where Andreas Vesalius is at work on the first accurate map of the interior universe of the body. Life would be easier, of course, if his illustrator Stephan, the prodigiously talented artist trained by Titian, didn't have such a sensitive stomach.

But in a world where Laurel and Hardy meet Burke and Hare, this is the least of his problems. Andreas is also busy taunting the Watch and pushing the authorities to the limit of their tolerance with the first public dissection of a human cadaver.

Or at least he would be if he could find a body to put on the slab....

THE ANATOMIST mixes high ideals and low comedy as the past and future collide in a funny and tragic tale which ultimately asks what it means to be human.

Tom Marshall

Nadia Morgan

Richard Sandells

Veronica Hempsey

Timothy Speyer

William Gregory

Grainne Gillis


Tony Ramsey


Ivan Cutting


Rosie Alabaster