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The Chronicles of Atom & Luna

Thu 13 Oct 2022 - Thu 13 Oct 2022
  • Age Guidance:7+
  • Duration:90 minutes (including interval)

We're super excited to be showing Murray Lachlan Young's latest epic fairytale for families:

The Chronicles of Atom & Luna

Sir John Mills Theatre, Eastern Angles Centre 13th October

Atom and Luna are twins. They never break any rules and never, ever go into the deep dark wood.

But these are no ordinary twins. Trouble is, only the birds and the moon know just how special they are...

When life takes an unexpected turn all rules are turned upside down. Atom and Luna must venture into the deep, dark wood to find Old Mother Redbeard and to save their larger-than-life visitor, Iffly Sney.

Packed full of puppetry, music and Murray Lachlan Young's lyrical text, The Chronicles of Atom & Luna is brought thrillingly to life by director Nina Hajiyianni.

An other-worldly adventure for ages 7–107.

Step into the magical forest...

Tales from the Forest is a series of audio tales (each a story in its own right) which introduce us to the magical forest our heroes must pass through in order to find Old Mother Redbeard.  

Episode one is The Great Oak, in which we learn how The Great Oak came to be.

Take a look behind the scenes...

Murray Lachlan Young is a British poet, stand-up performer, broadcaster, playwright, screenwriter and children’s author. He came to prominence during the Brit Pop era of the mid 1990’s, when he became the only poet to sign a contract worth £1m.

His work echoes the great rhymers Edward Lear, Lewis Carroll and Gilbert and Sullivan, along with more alternative influences such as Grandmaster Flash, Tom Waits and Ian Drury. 

His satirical commentaries can read like RD Laing in their philosophical intensity, whilst their subjects range from the vanities of celebrity and middle-class angst, to highlighting the absurdities of modern life. 

Currently the poet in residence on BBC 6 Music radio station, touring the UK with his solo stand-up show and the collection of his work How Freakin’ Zeitgeist are you?, published by Unbound books

Becca Bindang

Farrell Cox

Alex Scott Fairley

Fran Burgoyne


Murray Lachlan Young


Nina Hajiyianni


Bek Palmer


Matthew Linley for Funnelwick Limb