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Bring Back Chainmail

Sat 15 Oct 2022 - Thu 20 Oct 2022
  • Age Guidance:Suitable for families, especially with children 10+
  • Duration:70 minutes
  • Access:Developed with Autism Anglia*

James lives the fantasy life of a medieval knight. Helped by Bard, his trusty jester, he transforms his boyhood bedroom with jovial jigs and tourney games, but beneath the merriment Sir James longs for the return of his mother, the missing Queen. When his worried dad Dave tries to help, they start a journey to discover how imagination can reunite a kingdom and heal a family.

Join Sir James, Bard and Dave as the lords, ladies and peasants of their realm for an immersive adventure with dances, songs and audience participation, as we tell a gentle story about loss, love and the healing power of imagination.

Schools: £8 tickets available when coming in school groups

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Click here to download the Easy Read Social Story

*The play is not ‘about autism’, but it has been developed to be more inclusive for neurodiverse audiences. All performances of Bring Back Chainmail are designed to be 'relaxed', which will mean:

  • House lights at least half on throughout.
  • Lighting & sound effects designed with sensory needs in mind
  • Actors are trained to embrace audience participation in accessible ways.

The character Bard also uses Makaton signs at various moments in the show to reflect and include to non-speaking audience members.

Bring Back Chainmail has been developed in collaboration with Autism Anglia and supported by Arts Council England


Tom Campe


Ollie Harrington


Rose Goodbody