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Eastern Angles Young Creatives (Ages 18-30)

Young Creatives is a free, 12-month professional development programme for 18-30 year-olds. 

Whether you’re an early career artist looking to upskill yourself, or perhaps you’ve never been to the theatre before and just want to flex your creative muscles, we've got your covered.

Young Creatives Weekly Sessions

The programme consists of weekly workshops, masterclasses and Q&A sessions with leading theatre professionals from across Suffolk, East Anglia and the wider UK. They’ll cover all aspects of the theatre industry from writing and performing, to producing, directing, stage management, costume design and everything in between. 

The weekly sessions are advertised via our website, and bookable up to a month in advance. It’s first come, first served, and places are limited! 

As a member of the Young Creatives you can pick and choose which sessions you want to attend, tailoring your experience to your areas of interest. We strongly recommend attending as many sessions as you can throughout the year to get the most out of it – you never know what you might discover along the way. 

Important details:

Young Creatives will run every Thursday, 5pm-7pm, at the Eastern Angles Centre. 

All sessions are free to attend.  

If you have any questions please get in touch with our Associate Director (Engagement & Participation) Callum Berridge – email callum@easternangles.co.uk or phone 01473 218202. 

Performance Fundamentals with Grace Wellfare:

Performance Fundamentals 4: Let's Create (22nd February)

In this session, we will continue to build on ensemble work but through developing work through a series of devising tasks, finishing the session with a short piece of theatre that you have created!  

Performance Fundamentals 5: Actor & Facilitator (29th February)

In this session you will revisit the previous weeks, reflecting on the progress you’ve made. The session will conclude with an opportunity to ask Grace about her career as an actor and a facilitator. 

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Writing with Martha Loader, Steve Waters and James McDermott:

Writing 1: Creating Characters with Martha Loader (21st March)

Central to any good play are the characters, and the journey each of them go on over the course of the story. How do you create believable, compelling characters full of depth and dimensions? How do you give your actors enough to explore without being dogmatic in setting out who your characters are? How do you build personalities that feel real, that an audience can invest in? In this workshop award-winning playwright Martha Loader explores the essentials to creating characters.

Writing 2: The Shape of Stories with Steve Waters (4th April)

This workshop will explore how to tell a story for the theatre - where to begin and end, what is an act, what is a scene and how does it all hang together. Hands-on, practical and revealing Steve will draw on decades of writing and teaching to help you find the right shape for the stories you want to tell.

Writing 3: Dramatic Dialogue with James McDermott (25th April)

In this interactive writing workshop, local scriptwriter James McDermott (Rubber Ring,Time & Tide, EastEnders) will teach tools and techniques to help you write active, characterful, distinct, multi-tasking dialogue. Exercises will explore dramatic action, subtext, dialect, sociolect and idiolect.

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Directing with Emma Baggott:

Directing 1: A Director Prepares (11th April)

Have you ever wondered what a theatre director does to prepare for directing a production? The process of directing a play stretches from the first time a director reads a play to the last night of the run. In this workshop we will explore all the things a director needs to consider before they even get into the rehearsal room with the actors. We will begin at the beginning and work through the main milestones of a director’s process choosing a play, research, the casting process. This workshop will be a combination of practical exercises and discussion.

Directing 2: From Read-Through to Opening Night (18th April)

In this workshop we will explore what happens inside the rehearsal room. Through a combination of practical exercises and discussion we will lift the lid on the rehearsal room and unpack all the work that happens with the actors when working towards opening night of a production, from the first read through of the script with the actors, to rehearsals, to opening night.

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The Eastern Angles Young Creatives programme is made possible thanks to funding from Ipswich Borough Council.  

29 Feb


21 Mar

Eastern Angles Centre - Rehearsal RoomWriting 1: Creating Characters

4 Apr

Eastern Angles Centre - Rehearsal RoomWriting 2: The Shape of Stories

11 Apr

Eastern Angles Centre - Rehearsal RoomDirecting 1: A Director Prepares

18 Apr

Eastern Angles Centre - Rehearsal RoomDirecting 2: From Read-Through to Opening Night

25 Apr

Eastern Angles Centre - Rehearsal RoomWriting 3: Dramatic Dialogue