Access Community Trust Attend Fenland Screamers

21 January 2019

As part of our community engagement we teamed up with Access Community Trust to enable the young people on their Minding the Gap programme to come along to a performance of The Fenland Screamers & Other Boggy Tales

Here’s what Minding the Gap audience member, Ash, thought:

The Fenland Screamers is, to put it simply, an amazing show, a wonderful mix between comedy and horror. With clever jokes, catchy songs and unique characters and story, all performed by an extremely talented cast, there isn't anything to critique! Highly recommend watching.

Ash was so inspired by what they had seen that they drew these sketches and I’m sure you’ll agree they’re rather brilliant! The cast love them...

To see more of Ash’s work visit their Instagram page here.

More about Access Community Trust and Minding the Gap:

Our vision is to promote social inclusion for the community benefit by preventing people from becoming socially excluded, relieving the needs of those who are socially excluded and assisting them to integrate into society.

 ‘Minding the Gap’, provides targeted and intensive support for young people in Suffolk who are unemployed or economically inactive, who face significant challenges/barriers to accessing employment and are currently/or at risk of social isolation, to gain and sustain employment and education.

The Fenland Screamers & Other Boggy Tales completes its tour at the Key Theatre Studio in Peterborough this week from 22nd - 26th January.