Eastern Angles Reaches Malaysia

10 March 2017

It's not very often that we travel across the globe but a few weeks ago we did. Well, our DVD did at least!

Mr Akam Alwi from his school SMA Tengku Amalin A'ishah Putri contacted Eastern Angles via Facebook as his students are studying Arthur Ransome's We Didn't Mean to Go to Sea.

We did a production of the text back in 2008 and revived the show last year at The Hush House at Bentwaters Parks. Mr Alwi messaged us to ask for a copy of the show which, thankfully, we had filmed the original production.

We're pleased to say that the DVD safely arrived and the students will be reviewing the show after they have finished their exams.

Best of luck to all the students and we hope you enjoy the show!