Local Legends!

23 September 2020

Nominations are now open!

You can nominate your Legend online using our simple form below, on the phone (01473 218202) or download our Local Legends worksheets which include activities to do at home to create a portrait of your local legend. If you require a printed pack and materials click here to find our more. We've created a helpful step-by-step video which you can use when completing the worksheets: View Video

Your legend portraits will form part of a community display of artwork in the windows on Gatacre Road and Catalina will use these as inspiration for a vibrant externally facing window display on Bramford Road. 

One of the key focuses of our new Eastern Angles Centre is to engage with and provide space and activities for the local residents located in the streets close by. This may seem like a challenge in the current Covid climes. But we will not to be defeated  have come up with a plan: an exciting and dynamic outward facing window display featuring Local Legends, nominated by you.

Supported by funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund, Eastern Angles has commissioned Ipswich based, Colombian born, visual artist and illustrator Catalina Carvajal to lead the project. 

Over the coming weeks we will be engaging with the community to hear about the hidden, unsung heroes and helpers, who keep the community thriving. This could be your local shopkeeper, the chap who collects litter along the river, the lady who tends to the local garden, the postie... heroes are found in all forms. 

Catalina staying on the beach with the sea behind. Digital artwork superimposed behind her and to the  right.

Catalina said: “I'm very excited to be involved with this project.  I love projects that take art out of traditional spaces and into places where it might not usually be seen. In doing so, I think there's a much better chance of reaching a wider audience and of getting the community involved in the production of the artwork.”

Eastern Angles thrives on storytelling and can’t wait to hear all the hidden stories from within the Ipswich community. 

We are also hoping to be able to host some half term family art workshops led by Catalina. 

Image Credits: 
Main Image by Catalina Carvajal from mural outside Rockafella Industries, Eagle Street, Ipswich
Other Images: Catalina Carvajal