The Future of Raising Millfield

20 August 2021

Eastern Angles have been touring theatre for decades, now it's your turn. 

At the Millfield Festival earlier this summer, Raising Millfield was shared with its first audiences. Taken on walking tours of the neighbourhood, groups experienced this new play through their headphones and with the BSL interpretation of Kirsty Dorkenoo. Now the touring shoe is firmly on your foot as Raising Millfield launches online. 

Credit: Leah Barfield

Raising Millfield first began back in the Spring at the creative workshops we held with Millfield residents in partnership with Peterborough Presents. Held weekly over two months, these sessions were led by artists and gave participants the chance to explore their creativity and share stories of their experiences of life in Millfield.

Inspired by their artwork and stories, Atiha Sen Gupta wrote Raising Millfield - an audio play made up ten different episodes showcasing the diversity and community of the neighbourhood. Each episode accompanies a stop along the tour route, fitting together to create an immersive experience and forming a rich tapestry of local stories.

Raising Millfield is proud to be part of 'The Millfield Link' - celebrating stories of life in Millfield over the last fifty or so years. To find out more, visit www.millfieldlink.com

Credit: Leah Barfield

How do I listen?

On a mobile or computer device, click the play button below


Download Soundcloud and search Raising Millfield

We recommend listening through headphones for the best experience. Join at home or on the streets of Millfield to experience this immersive and moving new play. 

If you want to walk the tour of Millfield that accompanies this audio play you can access the Walking Tour Guide here.