What Hampton Means To Me

8 August 2019

As part of The Undercroft Weekender, Eastern Angles delivered a community engagement project working with over 100 local school students and residents to explore What Hampton Means To Me.

Textile and mixed media artist Kim Moore delivered in-school workshops where we created mind maps with students of all the things they associate with Hampton. These ideas ranged from Krispy Crème and Tesco to nature, lakes, walking and even Mavis and the tump. They then looked at flag design techniques, discovered the work of artists: Henri Matisse, Sonia Delaunay and Patrick Caulfield and created flag designs inspired by these artists styles and techniques. The children completed an Explore Arts Award as part of the project.

We also visited the Hampton Over 50s Forum and chatted to shoppers in Serpentine Green about their memories of Hampton both pre and post town. These included the smell of sulphur from the brick factories, the 4 iconic chimneys, the One Stop Shop Christmas Hampers, and Hampton being dubbed ‘toy town’ by the locals in the early days. They enjoy walks, wildlife, the allotments and the various clubs.

Kim took these designs and ideas and used them to create 9 unique flags which were on display at The Undercroft Weekender. The children’s artwork was collected and formed an exhibition in The Undercroft: Studio 4 alongside Cut Spray and Pray which Korp had curated.

‘Outreaching to the community was a process I loved. Using the groups’ feedback to generate the designs and working them into the final flags was a rewarding process which gave it so much more meaning to me.  I'm so pleased that some of the kids got to the Festival too. I think they all absolutely loved the process of a live art project. I could really see the confidence and pride in some of them grow immensely when they knew their artwork would be exhibited publicly.’ 

Kim Moore, Artist​