What's next for Raising Millfield?

7 July 2021

In the Spring, Eastern Angles and Peterborough Presents joined forces to deliver a series of workshops with residents of Millfield about what it’s like to grow up and raise a family in the area – this summer, we bring you the audio walking tour they inspired! 

Through a series of artist-led workshops, participants explored their creativity and reminisce about their experiences living in Millfield. These sessions were held weekly over two months, with women of all faiths and backgrounds, as well as with local schools and other community groups. Through writing, drawing, and other art, the sessions were a chance for people to come together and share their stories of local life. 

With the artwork and stories shared as their inspiration, Atiha Sen Gupta has written a new piece of theatre for audiences to enjoy on foot and through their headphones in an audio walking tour of Millfield. This immersive experience will bring to life the overlooked, the unseen, the ‘did you know’ areas of this joyful neighbourhood.

“Having such a wide range of artists involved in this project has meant that the outcomes from participants have been extraordinary, incredibly interesting and personal. I am really excited to see where Atiha takes the participants work in forming her audio play. Most of all I can't wait for the day that we get to share this audio play with the original participates of the project, and with the public.” 

Scott Hurran, Eastern Angles Artistic Associate

You can join us at the Millfield Festival this August to experience this new play for the first time. 

Stay tuned for more details coming soon.