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Raising Millfield - Self Tour

Eastern Angles have toured to venues across East Anglia for decades, this year we bring you a tour with a difference. One where you do the touring. Created in partnership with Peterborough Presents, Raising Millfield is a brand-new walkabout audio play that questions what it means to live and grow up in Millfield. 

The walk begins outside the park on Occupation Road where listeners will hear the first episode of the play. Written by Atiha Sen Gupta  (Eastenders, State Red, Counting Stars), each of the play's ten episodes were inspired by the story of someone from the area. 

Raising Millfield questions what Millfield stands for, for whom it can be called home, and what being a Millfield resident means to those who live there. Connecting different communities from this richly diverse area, this walking play is a new way of experiencing theatre and the outdoors

Left photo: People standing on the street wearing headphones, a lady stands in front of them signing BSL.Right photo: People walking along the street with headphones on.

How to listen to Raising Millfield:

On a mobile or computer device, click the play button below


 Download Soundcloud and search Raising Millfield

We recommend listening through headphones for the best experience. 

If you want to walk the tour of Millfield that accompanies this audio play you can access the Walking Tour Guide here. 

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