Streets Aloud! - Eye Town

Put on your headphones, press play, and listen to our free Streets Aloud! audio trail.

The Suffolk town of Eye is the inspiration for this community ‘sound collage’ created using words contributed by the local people who know and love this place.

Starting at The Bank Arts Centre, this 30-minute walk takes the listener on a circular route down Castle Street, along Church Street, up Lambseth Street to the Crinkle Crankle wall, and then back down to Broad Street.

On the way, a digital tuning dial scans the imaginary airwaves picking up memories of shops and parties, celebrations of ancient buildings, sounds from nature, plus beautiful, informative and funny poems specially written by local school pupils.

Can’t make it to Eye? No problem – you can listen to Streets Aloud! anywhere you like and let the words and sounds transport you!

How to listen to Streets Aloud!

On a mobile or computer device, click the play button below


Download Soundcloud and search Streets Aloud!

We recommend listening through headphones for the best experience.

A few photos from the walking tour...

Photo of Eye town centre of a black & white thatched house in the foreground next door to the church
Photo of Eye Town Centre shows an old brick house with black and white window details and a sign of Magdalen Street

Photo from Eye Town Centre, a black and white building / shop front has a sign for Church Street above the shop window
Photo of Eye Castle has the ruins on top of a hill in the background and an entrance column with Eye Castle written on it in the foreground

Streets Aloud! was made possible thanks to Abbie Schug at The Bank Arts Centre, the people of Eye and the teachers and Year 7/8 pupils of Hartismere High school.

Sound Designer: Jack Baxter

Creative Producer: Karen Goddard

Words read by: Radhika Aggarwal, Sally Ann Burnett, Rosalind Burt, Ivan Cutting, Seamore Nelson & Greg Wagland

Writers: Amelia, Ava, Erin, Florence, Harrison, Harry, Isaac, Isabella, Solomon from Year 7/8 Hartismere High School Years, also Anne Willoughby, Chris Willoughby, Joy Matthews, Oliver Green, Roger Lay, Simon Hooton & Simon Knott.

Also, huge thanks to: Amber, Archie, Ashleigh, Charlotte, Chloe, Edith, Eira, Elizabeth, Emily, Grace, Harriet, Henry, Iris, Isabella, Jacob, Jed, Leo, Lexi, Maisie, Maizie, Max, Millie, Neve, Olivia, Ruby, Rueben, Sophie, Violet, Will & Zi from Years 7/8 Hartismere High School and their teachers, Ms Dickinson and Ms Craven Lamb.

Streets Aloud! is part of our Market Town Bound project featuring a series of community events in market towns across Babergh & Mid Suffolk. These projects celebrate the heritage of each town and bring residents together to enjoy communal activities. This project has been made possible thanks to funding from Babergh & Mid Suffolk District Council Community Development Grant.