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Copperfield Supporters

Eastern Angles run a membership scheme known as the Copperfield Supporters. Copperfielders donate money either annually or monthly and have previously supported our Spring tour to small scale venues. As we embark on a new chapter, opening up the Eastern Angles Centre, and connecting more deeply with out local community the support of the Copperfielders is now ever more prevalent. 

Copperfielders receive the following benefits:

  • Priority booking for Eastern Angles productions
  • A free programme for the Eastern Angles productions that you attend
  • You name listed in our programme as a thank you
  • A warm fuzzy feeling knowing that you're supporting the creation of new theatre productions.

From December 2020, the Copperfield Membership is changing. If you purchased a membership before December 2020 then you will remain paying the amount you signed up to and we'll be in touch to move you over to auto-renew. 

There are three tiers to the Copperfield Membership:

Peggotty: £5 per month or £60.00 per year

Micawber: £10.00 per month or £120.00 per year

Betsey: £20.00 per month or £240.00 per year

To become a Copperfielder, you can sign up online or contact our Engagement Manager via email or phone: 01473 218202.