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Frankenstein (On a Budget)

Lamphouse Theatre
  • Age Guidance:14+

Lamphouse Theatre return to the Eastern Angles stage this November for...

Frankenstein (On a Budget)

Saturday 9th November, 7.30pm

One man, one monster, one glorious dream to single-handedly tell the most famous cult horror story of all time, and absolutely no budget whatsoever. What could possibly go wrong?

Frankestein (On a Budget) features one actor, some decidedly dodgy backdrops, lots of weather based puns, plenty of cardboard props and more hats that you can throw a stick at. Can our ill fated doctor build his monstrous creation, play 25 characters, sing a lot of songs, attempt accents from across the world, perform a dance routine, and ultimately save the day in just 60 minutes?

From the creators of the hit comedy action adventure musical War of the Worlds (On a Budget).

Featuring a full soundtrack of brand new music, with incredible cardboard creations and characters inspired by Mary Shelley and Boris Karloff, Frankenstein (On a Budget) is the comedy musical hammer horror homage that you didn't know you needed.

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Lamphouse Theatre are a devising theatre company who specialise in clown, improvisation and live music. Lamphouse make silly, funny, noisy shows and work with clowns, devisors, improvisers, musicians and comedians in unexpected and exciting ways. All their shows contain tons of music, comedy, laughs and heart.