Meet the Young Writers: Marianne

5 June 2019

Ahead of the Young Writers Festival on Friday 14th June at The Undercroft, we're meeting the writers! 

Here is Marianne...

Name: Marianne Habeshaw

Age: 22

What has been your journey as a writer?

Prior to this I only wrote poetry. I was gobsmacked at the level of inspiration and creativity from everyone in my group, pushing me to see my writing from a distance. Everyone genuinely cares, is so brilliant in their own different way. I feel as though I have a good technique for writing drama now and I get better with each draft. I can articulate myself and form a story from all the creative mess!

What is the thing that inspires you most when writing a new piece of work? (e.g image, overheard conversation, theme, character)

Very often, strange or surreal moments in real life. I’m obsessed with the linguistic habits we fall into and what is dramatic about everyday common experiences. I’m also quite interested in this idea that politics can be about self-identity - a way in which you think you know people. I think it’s funny how much we argue about relatively insignificant things.

Who are the writers that inspire you?

Kate Tempest. Churchill, Ibsen. Honestly TV shows such as Gavin and StaceyPeep Show. Ken Loach and Mike Leigh films.

Without giving to much away could you tell us about the play you are developing for the Young Writers Showcase?

Welcome to the village pub. Take a seat in the slow cooker…where old men stew in their own juices. Consider genderless snowmen over a pint. Meanwhile, snowflakes fly in from trendy London areas. They trigger each other…with whether the word triggered triggers people. 

Thanks, Marianne! 

See the play along with 4 others at the Young Writers Festival on Friday 14th June at The Undercroft from 7pm. Tickets are £5.